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up prOjects

"Julia’s workshop engaged our wider team in the challenges and opportunities of communicating all strands of our work to multiple audiences. It was a great catalyst to collectively reflect and distil clear actions to implement moving forward."

Moira Lascelles

UP Projects is an industry leading public art organisation, supporting built environment stakeholders with creative strategies to activate public spaces, engage local communities and deliver long term social value.


I was invited to create a workshop for UP Projects’ core team and board of Trustees to help them understand their distinct offer and advise on impactful messaging.


Through initial research and a 90-minute session during their annual Trustee Away Day, I devised a series of activities to help the group analyse UP Projects’ position in the industry, single out what makes the organisation unique and prioritise messages and methods of reaching target audiences to clearly communicate the value they bring.

Thumbnail image on homepage shows workshop run by artist Holly Graham for her Stop and Smell the Flowers project, taken by Maël Hénaff.

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