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"Julia supported our mission by sharing her invaluable insights and expertise on communication as part of the BUILD and SHAPE programmes. Julia's focus, approachability and knowledge were incredibly impactful and she was a delight to work with. We look forward to working with her again."

Danna Walker

I’ve long been a fan of the inspiring work that Built By Us do in driving diversity and inclusion in the built environment, and was keen to offer my support. Having chatted about what would be most useful for their beneficiaries, I began with a BUILD workshop on the importance of Developing Your Personal Brand – sharing why professional recognition is important, and how to craft a unique space in the industry that celebrates who you are and the value you bring.


Following this I developed a two-hour workshop on Developing Your Brand & Communications for their 2022 cohort on the SHAPE programme, which provides mentoring and workshops for under-represented built environment entrepreneurs and founders, equipping them with business insights to support their journey. Having had positive feedback from the participants, we plan to repeat the workshop for the next SHAPE cohort, and I very much look forward to continuing my collaboration with Built By Us.

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