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shirO muchirI

“Julia has been instrumental in the launch of our Art in Architecture concept. We're thoroughly pleased with how it has been received and feel confident and well-prepared articulating it on all our communication channels. We have loved working with her.”
Shiro Muchiri

Shiro Muchiri is a celebrated curator, designer and founder of SoShiro – a collaborative platform for art and culture in Marylebone.


Born in Nairobi and trained in Milan, Shiro has worked internationally as an interior architect. Her in-depth knowledge and curatorial eye has led to collaborations with Christie’s, Collect International Art Fair and London Design Biennale, speaking events on the future of art commissioning and profiles in Wallpaper and Design Anthology. 


Shiro approached me to support her mission to diversify the process of art commissioning in the built environment, with an aim to make connections in the industry and raise awareness of the impact art has to positively impact heritage, social and community value.


We worked together in 2022 to initiate partnerships in architecture and property development, create content for digital channels introducing SoShiro’s new Art in Architecture service and host a hugely successful live panel event featuring a diverse line up of artists, community champions, architects and developers.


Continuing our collaboration in 2023, we’re working to strategically build on the positive momentum with thought lead, media opportunities and further events.

© Gerardo Jaconelli for SoShiro

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