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"Communications is a big deal and a big task. If you have something to say but aren’t sure how, when or even why, Julia is a god send. Her approach is thorough and you'll come away with more insight into your company then even you already had. It is an absolutely brilliant experience; one we would recommend to anyone. We look forward to working with Julia more in the future." Catherine Finkernagel

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Finkernagel Ross is an established architecture and interior design studio, highly respected for its work with individuals and entrepreneurs creating beautifully considered home and hospitality spaces.


A strong track record in planning and delivery, combined with their ambition to create impactful and bespoke solutions for every client, is matched with a skilled eye for detail and technical excellence.


I was invited to take a holistic view of Finkernagel Ross’ communications to support them with their business vision, including growing their presence in new and emerging sectors.


Working closely with Catherine and Felix, I developed a framework which gave clarity on their messaging and focussed their communications activity specifically to audiences which would support the practice in meeting its goal.


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