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"We set out to be clear about Fathom’s culture, thinking and design approach. But despite lots of ideas, communications always slipped down the to do list. Working with Julia has transformed our presence; we’re now ever present in the minds of our clients and the industry. Her detailed strategy has supported us to navigate challenging times and attract a high calibre of clients and people to our practice." Jonathan Mitchell

Fathom creates places that connect deeply with people: contextually, commercially and for their community.


Specialising in unlocking complex briefs and sensitive sites, the practice has earned a reputation for solving problems collaboratively and with great care. Established as a collective of experts centred around a core team of creative architects, Fathom believes in bringing the best people together to address the particular needs of every project.


I worked on strategic communications with Fathom when they launched in 2016, and have been collaborating closely with the Directors since the start of 2021 on targeted communications and content which reaches their audiences and underlines their practice values.

© Secchi Smith for Fathom Architects

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